Once I decided to buy a puppy, how can I pay?

You can pay us using CashApp, Zelle. Venmo

What does your price include?

Our price includes:

  • The New Puppy.
  • Our unique Guarantees (Health Guarantee and Lifetime Puppyness Guarantee).
  • Health Certificate and paperwork.
  • Up-to-date vaccination.
  • Cost of preliminary medical checks and Veterinarian treatments (vaccinations, deworming, etc.).

Our price does not include international shipping. This is because with different distances and shipping methods come different costs. Import duties and taxes are also not included. The customs clearance process for your New Doggy is also your responsibility. But fear not, we will assist you and give you advice as to how to go about it. In some cases NewDoggy.com’s local representatives might assist you in this process.

Will my dog have to be quarantined?

Most countries do not require quarantine, but some others do. We will do our research and specify this for you.

Do you offer any Guarantees?

Yes. You can read about our Health Guarantee on our Health Guarantee page.We also offer our unique Lifetime Puppyness Guarantee to guarantee your satisfaction.

How does golden retriever paradise adoption process work?

Our process is explained in detail on: How to buy a puppy from us. Please visit this page and take the time to read through it carefully for more details.

When can I get my puppy?

Our puppies are first vaccinated for rabies at the age of three months and then prepared for travel. Due to legislation and common sense procedure, this is the earliest age at which they can travel. However, further health checks can be required for puppies to travel to certain countries. Therefore, a better answer can be provided after knowning your country of residence. Please let us know where you live for a more definite answer.

How can you make sure your dogs are not coming from irresponsible breeders or puppy mills?

At goldenretrieverparadise.com we only consider the best breeders that we  have . We offer contracts to those breeders who live up to our strict ethical standards  and accept The breeders’ kennels are frequently visited and audited by our breed consultants who rigorously check both the kennels and their dogs. They also check the health of a puppy from every litter, ensuring that the puppy meets our strict quality standards and comes from an ethically run environment. Our veterinarian not only makes sure that the puppy is healthy, but also makes sure that its parents are kept in a healthy, loving environment.


We have certain dogs that are breed for a specific task- job like personal protection work. We have dogs that are hand selected each generation from a litter of our puppies to specifically be a family dog for you and your loved ones. We also will start training our dogs at the moment they can walk, so if you get a puppy with training it has months of learning the best way to behave around people. This is so important for the later years of the dogs life. If you want a dog that will be good around certain pets just tell us before, and we will find the right dog that is genetically selected and trained for this. All of our dogs will be good with kids or we won’t own them because 95% of our dogs go to owners with kids so this is our number one priority. The biggest issue our company has seen in the last ten years is two male dogs left alone can have aggression issues with each other because they both want to be the alpha male, that’s just animal nature. I’ve also seen females that will act very aggressive around each other if they are in heat. So I would always recommend to only have two big dogs that are a male and a female. We have multiple dogs out in our 50 acre facility, but only under human supervision.


Our puppies that are bought with training will usually go home around 14 to 20 weeks old if training starts when puppy is 6 weeks old.

We let our puppies with no training go to their home at 6 to 8 weeks. They must be 8 weeks old to fly on a plane legally.

We also have fully trained dogs from 16 weeks to two years old.