Health Guarantee

Health Guarantee

Our policy is to always work with responsible breeders. Our selected breeders own premium bloodline dogs and provide their breeding dogs with quality healthcare, proper nutrition, daily exercise and medical attention. Both we at and our breeders believe that you can only have healthy puppies if you have healthy parents. All of our Puppies are checked by a licensed veterinarian who makes sure that they are up to date with their vaccinations and who also provides them with a health certificate. It is important to note that this is no guarantee that your puppy will never get sick in the future. At the end of the day, it is mostly the care that these dogs receive at home that will determine if your New puppy will live a long and healthy life.

Our Health Guarantee:

We guarantee that your New Puppy is healthy and free of serious infectious diseases on the day of departure.
Your New Puppy is guaranteed to be checked by our certified veterinarian before departure.

It is your responsibility to take your New puppy to your own veterinarian to be examined within 72 hours after arrival. Any claims of unsatisfactory health condition must be reported to us immediately otherwise you may lose your right to this guarantee.

Our Health Guarantee does not cover anything as a result of accident or injury after your New puppy’s arrival.
The guarantee period starts as soon as you receive your New puppy.

What does our Health Guarantee cover?

  1. Congenital and/or genetic defects: our Health Guarantee covers your puppy against death caused by congenital and/or genetic defects for a period of 10 years from your New puppy’s date of birth.
  2. Life altering congenital and/or genetic diseases: these diseases may not manifest for months or years but they can develop into a disability later on. These are: spine problems, liver problems, heart failure, kidney failure and generalized mange.
  3. Severe hip dysplasia: dogs having these severe conditions may show considerable discomfort and exhibit an unusual posture or walking by balancing themselves. Medical therapy has little corrective ability in these disorders therefore surgery is required in most cases.
  4. Fatal viruses: your New puppy is guaranteed against fatal viruses (Distemper, Parvo, Corona virus) for 5 days after his or her arrival.